Over the last 12 months Adams Enclosures have continued to build an outstanding Production Engineering department. This enables us to give our customers continued support and confidence in everything we do to an unbeatable standard. we have achieved this with investment in the apprenticeship program and not forgetting the unstoppable dedication of our existing workforce.

Our new approach at Adams Enclosures

Here at Adams Enclosures we have introduced a new and fresh Scrum approach to all tasks ahead. With a regular morning scrum enabling all to get involved on a daily basis. This allows everyone to collectively run the business in an efficient manner. We have early handover meetings which enables the team to spread work loads between each other. This means that our team can apply all focus on specific tasks enabling a positive approach to hitting contracts.

The Youth Team…Inspiring a new generation of Design Engineers

Over recent years we have noticed the nationwide skills gap within industry. Adams Enclosures has had to change and adapt the way in which we recruit, train and develop our design engineering team. Taking inspiration from other organisations such as sports teams we realise the importance of developing for the future and inspiring a new generation of design engineers. We have strengthened our team mentoring graduates fresh out of university. Also progressing employees from the shop floor and in most recent years recruiting via our fast track apprenticeship scheme in CAD, using the high tech facility at advance II within Dudley College. Whilst doing all of this we have seen the need to continue to recruit in order to further support our customers with experience and technical know how. This has been crucial in building a balanced team in which engineers can support each other, develop new ideas as well as developing themselves. With this investment in people Adams Enclosures will continue to provide the on-going support and quality service our customers require from us.

Comments from the TEAM

“Our production office has developed in such a way that we will be heading to success. Our team have improved their communication and teamwork skills. We are now helping each other in every way to achieve the highest quality within all tasks. This allows us to avoid making mistakes. Employing new staff with longer experience has brought improved skills to others and to the business. Morning meetings underline to every one what needs to be achieved each day. This helps the team to work along with the planning schedule therefore reducing the likelihood on delays. Overall I think we are a very good team and we are going to bring even better success this year.”

“Our approach to engineering has moved forward for the better. Projects initially reviewed in more detail with hand over meetings giving better starting points. Daily morning scrum meetings around our engineering running board updates the whole team to their own schedule and project status. Work load, issues, and delays can be immediately identified and discussed and actions put in to place. Our team are now working to achievable targets and attaining better job satisfaction. In turn the quality of engineering improving along with ownership of projects and hands on customer contact should result in better customer feed back.”

“Daily meetings are helping a lot. We are talking to each other more and can grasp each others work loads. If we see someone is struggling, others with spare capacity can make a start to ensure delivery dates are still achieved. Personally I am finding it a lot easier because I feel as though I am working on one job at a time instead of juggling two or three.”