Here at Adams Enclosures we supply to the highest quality, bespoke transformer housings, either standalone or as part of a package substation. The Transformer housings are designed so that they can be delivered flat pack. We supply customers with a kit of parts on pallets with all items and fixings supplied for onsite assembly. As an option the enclosure can be fully assembled on site by our skilled fitting team.

Testing the Transformer Housings prior to delivery

Transformer housings are test assembled in our works prior to delivery to ensure that all parts fit together correctly when re-assembled on site. Our transformer housings are bespoke, designed, and manufactured to suit a particular transformer. They are also custom designed to suit individual applications and site requirements. Due to the nature of the enclosure construction, side panels and base rails can be easily removed to allow access for maintenance or withdrawal of the transformer if necessary.

Features and benefits of our Transformer Housings

  • Our enclosures usually have an open floor and we can supply additional floor channels if required.
  • We can supply housings with or without a complete busbar system which fits in the top of the enclosure. Busbar connections can be provided to connect the transformer housing to the incomer section of the package substation.
  • The busbar provided is our own busbar system which is type tested to comply with BS EN 61439-2:2011.
  • Enclosures can be supplied with door access on any side of the enclosure to suit individual requirements. Doors can be fitted with key interlocks such as Castell or Fortress if specified.
  • Our enclosure can be supplied with a HV flange to fit a HV cable box if required. The flange can be designed to suit a box supplied by the HV contractor or we can manufacture a bespoke cable box to meet your requirements.
  • Ventilation is sized to suit individual transformers based on the transformer manufacturer’s data and as a minimum is usually IP2X mesh although alternative louvers and grilles can be fitted if required so long as they are suitably sized for minimum airflow requirements.
  • All of our enclosures are powder coated in house from the standard RAL, BS4800 or BS381C ranges in either smooth or textured finish. Other paint systems and finishes can be provided if specified.

For all enquiries about our Transformer Housing Enclosures please do not hesitate to email our sales team or fill in the enquiry form below.


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